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Cooker Servicing

In all cases the Manufacture's maintenance and servicing procedures must be complied with but as a rule of thumb the following should be expected from a competent gas engineer:

  1. An initial investigation will be carried out where the client will be asked about the operation of the appliance, we will then test the operation and visually inspect the appliance looking for any signs of wear and tear or obvious defects. The appliance must be checked for the suitability of its location in line with British Standards 6172. 
  2. A test for gas tightness will be carried out.
  3. We will dismantle and clean the appliance and then reassemble. It is important that spark electrodes, injectors and burners are properly inspected and checked thoroughly.
  4. We will then test the operation of the controls, the safety devices and the flame pictures. The burner pressure and/or the heat input should be checked and where required by the manufacturers instructions combustion performance analysis should be carried out.
  5. Electrical checks will be carried out, we will check that the correct cable size has been used, it's condition and the fuse size. Earth and Polarity checks will be done and we will check that the provision for isolation is within 2 meters of the appliance.
  6. All of the above's results are then reported to our client with any advice in writing.